Why should I pay to use?

We are here to help! And, change the way talents are hired!

Job seekers: 

1. The impact of a video interview is immeasurable. 

2. The telephonic rounds are going obsolete. 

3. Is it really required to travel to meet your future employers for the first few rounds? Most of the times you will end up spending a lot of time and money.  

4. We're here to save your time and money. 

5. Eventually, all the complex tech being used to create an awesome product has to be paid for. At this point of time, we can't afford to provide you free services.


1. Is it really necessary to pay hefty travel and accommodation cost in the early stage of the interviewing process? We don't think so! 

2. Why have a telephonic round while you can have a face-to-face interview without asking the candidate to travel? 

3. We know for sure that you will not hire everyone you have interviewed. We're here to help you reduce the interviewing cost drastically. 

4. The traditional way of hiring is way too complex. To have this complex process eliminated, we've created a boring platform. Many times BORING solutions proved to be the best way and efficient. 

5. At the end of the day, we are saving a lot of time and money for you and your organization. All we're asking for is a fraction of the money we've saved for you (You know it better than us, no company can survive without getting paid)  

A word from the Founders: 

"We want to expedite the entire recruitment cycle. The best solution we thought and heard from the leaders is that "shortening the entire cycle is the best approach" Since we can not eliminate a few rounds to achieve shorter recruitment cycle, we came up with the tech solution that can power the entire HR world. We believe this will change the world for better"