About Us

All about us!

Insterviews (Powered by Venhsa SoftSol) is a leading technology solution provider which leverages NLP, Machine Learning, Video Analytics. Insterviews as an innovative, user-centric nimble organization is in pursuit of disrupting the global HR industry and to bring in efficiency through the use of the latest technologies. Insterviews’s clientele includes many of the Fortune 500 and it has served clients across the country. Currently, Insterviews has processed thousands of candidates to date. Insterviews was founded in 2014 and Headquartered Bangalore, India.

Our vision is to leverage video and mobile technology to create equal career opportunities, expedite and shorten the entire recruitment cycle. Our mission is to build technologies that help break barriers; overcome simplest to colossal challenges; bridge gap between job-seekers and recruiters; provide similar opportunities to aspirants across geographies, and save time and money for both employers and job-seekers.